Talks and ‘In conversation with…’ events at the Victoria Theatre Halifax

11 May 2023
Talks and in conversation events at the Victoria Theatre Halifax

The Victoria Theatre in Halifax have added a number of talks and ‘in conversation with’ events to their busy season of live shows. 

One of the UK’s most notable Psychological Therapists and crime commentators Emma Kenny will be on stage with The Serial Killer Next Door on Wednesday 28 June. Emma discusses what creates a serial killer taking you on a journey looking at what ingredients of possibility lead to body counts by killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and John Paul Knowles.

Retired broadcaster and sport’s journalist Henry Blofeld brings his new tour My Dear Old Things: An Evening With Henry Blofeld on Thursday 14 September.  ‘Blowers’ recalls his days as a young England hopeful, how an Eton bus knocked him off his stride - and his bike - recoiling from a career in the City to work as a cricket journalist before finding his way into the TMS box. There are hilarious tales of Johnners, Arlott and other larger-than-life characters in the box and on tour with England.

Grayson Perry brings A Show All About You to the Victoria Theatre on Saturday 30 September. What makes you, you? Is there a part deep inside of you that no one understands? Have you found your tribe or are you a unique human being? Or is it more complicated than that? In the last few decades a combination of individualism, the internet and the culture war has, for many of us, brought our feelings about our own and other people’s identity to the fore. Grayson Perry, white, male, heterosexual, able bodied, English, southerner, baby boomer and member of the establishment takes a mischievous look at the nature of identity in his new show that will make you laugh, shudder, and reassess who you really are.

Miriam Margolyes will take you on an unforgettable adventure through her extraordinary life and strong opinions with Oh Miriam! Live on Thursday 12 October. This will be her biggest live stage tour to coincide with the launch of her new book. Reliably outrageous and always entertaining, join Miriam, in conversation, for a riotous evening as full of life and surprises as the actress herself. There will be a British Sign Language Interpreter on stage at this event, for tickets please call the Box Office.

Hear from one of the most successful coaches of the modern era Warren Gatland on Wednesday 8 November. Warren will talk about the World Cup, his previous success at Wales when he won four Six Nations titles, his time as Head Coach of the Lions. Plus, his stints as a Club Coach, notably at Wasps where he steered them to three Premiership titles and a Heineken Cup triumph.

Professor Brian Cox is bringing his sell out arena tour Horizons to the Victoria Theatre on Saturday 17 February 24. Horizons tells the story of how we came to be and what we can become. Using state of the art screen technology, with images of far-away galaxies, alien worlds, supermassive black holes and the latest theories of the origin of the Universe. What is the nature of space and time? How did life begin, how rare might it be and what is the significance of life in the Cosmos? What does it mean to live a small, finite life in a vast, eternal Universe?