Booking fees

Every ticket sold for an event at the Victoria Theatre is subject to a Theatre Support Fee per ticket. All prices on the website include this Theatre Support Fee, and no other charges are added at the point of sale.

The Theatre Support Fee is non refundable and where event tickets are refunded the Theatre Support Fee is retained. this is an important fee that goes towards the upkeep theatre; particularly in difficult economic times.                                                                                                                                                                             

The Theatre Support Fee

In April 2011, a non refundable Theatre Support Fee was added to all our tickets. This decision was not taken lightly and this money is used to improve services, including better seating, new sound and lighting systems and top class productions on stage. No other charges will be added. This fee will safeguard our position and all income will go towards maintaining and improving your experience at the Victoria Theatre. We do want to hear from you with any feedback, your comments are always read with interest and your suggestions are valuable to us.

Email: or call into the Box Office.