Antidote: Sharron Kraus & Yorkshire Trombone Quartet

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In response to the Government’s recent statement advising the UK public to avoid unnecessary social contact, including by not attending theatres, Calderdale Council has taken the precaution of closing the Victoria Theatre with immediate effect until Monday 15th June 2020.

This event has therefore been cancelled.




The Victoria Theatre Green Room Bar

Antidote welcomes performers, musicians, poets, actors, dancers, writers and digital creatives who explore, challenge and expand our relationship with ourselves, the everyday and their own art forms.

If you seek challenge and enjoy the unexpected then Antidote might just be for you.

Sharron Kraus

Sharron Kraus is an incredibly talented singer of folk songs, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who’s work offers a dark and subversive take on traditional music, influenced by gothic literature, surrealism, myth and magic. Her latest solo album, Joy's Reflection is Sorrow, released by Sunstone Records, explores the spiritual and emotional rhizomes of the human condition, plumbing the depths and rising ecstatically to the heights. Sharron’s warmth, honesty, playfulness and great musicianship enables her to tackle tricky subject matters with grace, sensitivity, humour and great insight. 

Yorkshire Trombone Quartet

The Yorkshire Trombone Quartet consists of George Murray, Gary Pulleyn, Gordon Watts and Peter New. Between them, they have over 150 years experience of playing the trombone in public; in big bands, brass bands, orchestras and small ensembles. Their breadth of experience and confidence in their craft is showcased and highlighted in this gorgeous pure trombone ensemble. Members of the quartet have specially arranged a beautifully varied set of music from classical, pop and folk repertoire based around the theme of death and dying; a musical journey that is uplifting and life-affirming. 

Members of the Yorkshire Trombone Quartet have arranged these beautiful pieces for four trombones, specifically for their appearance alongside Sharron Kraus and her band in the Green Room Bar at the Victoria Theatre.

Our first season of events is curated by the amazing and internationally recognised composer, music therapist, multi instrumentalist and songwriter Aby Vulliamy.

 “I’m hugely excited to be giving a platform to some of the musicians I most admire; particularly those who are exploring brave and challenging ideas in their work, and are under-represented in the music world. I believe we can work towards all kinds of 'antidotes' through collaboration, innovation, co-creation, participation”

Aby Vulliamy


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